Experimental Peer-to-Peer Social Platform

Flexibility & Freedom

Live Feed

Connect with other Microsicial deployments to create a communal live feed. Share whatever you want whenever you want.

Direct Messaging

Chat directly with friends without the platform trying to find ways to monetize you. Chat freely, without it being used for marketing.


Micosocial focuses on enabling P2P communication without requiring relay servers or needing you to give up control of your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsocial?

Microsocial is an experimental approach to social media. It attempts to remove the need for large platforms by instead opting for each user to operate their own tiny deployments of the software that can engage with other deployments. Thus, you could look at Microsocial as a form of peer-to-peer (P2P) social media platform.

Why Microsocial?

Just as all technologies involve, so can social media. While the traditional approaches are focused on exploiting users for data, perhaps there are alternatives. Microsocial aims to create a decentralized social platform that uses alternative methods to connect users.

Is Microsocial free to use?

Yes, you can freely use Microsocial. There is no hidden cost, catch, and absolutely no token to try and extract value from you. When using Microsocial, you aren't the product; you are just another member of the community.

Is Microsocial open source?

Absolutely! Part of the goal of the Microsocial project is to encourage people to take more control over the types of platforms they use, which includes being able to customize and modify them. Check out Microsocial on GitHub 👈

Can I self-host Microsocial?

Yes. Currently, the project takes advantage of the excellent free-to-use infrastructure provided by Deta. In seconds Microsocial can be deployed easily on Deta Micros which makes it simple to experiment with the code. Full local deployment will likely be explored later in the project if there was sufficient demand.

When will Microsocial be Complete?

Microsocial can be deployed and used today. However, there are many optimizations and features that could be further expanded upon or refined. In its current state, Microsocial should be considered experimental and not somewhere to store important data. Nevertheless, give it a try and have some fun with it!

Control Your Data and How You Interact Online

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